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Shecoder core team modularise the project based on complexity and lead time.


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Our Story

Educated women quitting jobs to look after parents, kids etc. is something that is very common. We see these talents gradually get settled within the four walls of their homes- sometimes with the confidence that they will start working one day, or sometimes without even giving their career opportunities a thought! It is by keeping in mind the various reasons for women quitting their jobs that we have come up with this collective.
We, at Armino have decided to take that step forward to create a pool of such talent from across the globe who are not in a situation to do full time work. We are not a recruitment agency or an outsourcing company.
Now we are a matured community that includes experts, intermediates and beginners from following domains.

Get more done for less !

Freelancing is always beneficial, even for companies.
No more rent, utility bills, and fixed salary.

We do things with Care and Love!

We write codes as good as taking care of kids and parents.
We always do things with intense care and love.

What's Great about Us?

1. You only have to pay for work when it has been completed and you're 100% satisfied.
2. We are a big force. Shecoders working all around the world make our system 24x7 active.
3. We're always here to help. Our core team will be always with you to assist.
4. Select your team based on your requirement.
5. Get constant updates on the progress of your work.
6. Secure payment methods.

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